30 April 2007

Monday Afternoon Links

Angelina Jolie and Marianne Pearl have a play date

Let's hope this never happens.

Another former Idol gets arrested!

Madonna gets the same haircut as Posh.

Larry and Dannielynn Head Home!

Dannielynn has just been issued her US passport!! Click here to see her passport photo. It's really cute!

Access Hollywood will have the homecoming on their Wednesday show!.

Which leads me to the next piece of Larry news: Page Six is reporting that Larry Birkhead and NBC have a secret $1 million deal for Larry's ongoing story. No kidding. That's why Access Hollywood and Bravo have had Larry's story exclusively since Anna Nicole died! I don't blame him one bit for selling his story. He needs some money while he's not working and people want to hear his story!

And in even more news Larry has said that he's considering a life of anonymity. HA! I don't think he's going to get it! Larry says "A lot of people are calling. There's a script for a movie, some TV, an entertainment correspondent for a show, things like that. Maybe I'll just go off into the sunset with my daughter. I don't want to live under the microscope like Anna.

I want to make a difference for my daughter. Maybe we'll live a quiet life by the beach, or go back to where I'm from, or find a place to start new. I want to take a few months off to get to know my daughter and for her to get to know me."

Britney: Fashion Disaster

Ready for a tell-all interview with Britney Spears? Word is that she is in talks with Allure magazine to do a makeover shoot for the cover and give a dish filled interview. A rep for Allure said,

"We would love to have Britney, but nothing is scheduled yet."
They better get that deal signed quick because editors at Vanity Fair are hot on their heels vying for her story. Britney's rep declined to comment but we can expect to see a cover on her in November...just in time for her new album to hit stores. I wonder how much hair she will have by then?

In other Britney news, she was seen yet again at the Millennium Dance Studio getting a workout in this weekend then hit the shops. By the look of the photo, she likes to shop in her....um...workout gear? Interesting. Sources tell People that she is busy getting ready for her big come back.

"Everyone talked about how happy she looked to be back in the studio. She came in focused from the start. She's always been a pro when it comes to her music."
Gee, can't wait.

27 April 2007

Breaking News: Larry Wins!!

A Court in the Bahamas has just dismissed Virgie Arthur's appeal to stop Larry Birkhead leaving the Bahamas with Dannielynn and has also charged her $3,000 in fines! Ha ha ha ha. Woo Hoo.

Larry Birkhead is now free to have Dannielynn's birth certificate changed to reflect that he is her father, not Howard K Stern, and then get her a US passport and head home.

Vergie got what she deserves - nothing!!

Click here to see a copy of Dannielynn's New Birth Cirtificate

Click here to see Larry interviewed after the hearing and hear Howard K Stern imply that Vergie only has an interest in Dannielynn because of the Marshall inheritance that she may or may not be entitled to!! (which is totally ironic dont' you think? Considering what everyone was saying/thinking about Howard two months ago - now everyone feels sorry for him - at least we do)

Angie Wants More Orphan Money

Angelina Jolie has graced Washington with her presence yet again, this time at a news conference launching Global Action for Children, asking the Government for more funding for the worlds orphans. Jolie tried to keep a low profile the whole time but it didn't really work, as she attracted over fifty photographers, monitoring her every movement.

Jolie was the last speaker and said "I am no policy expert, as you all know, and I'm not going to speak as one," she said. "I am asking you to think of orphan children not as a burden . . . but as investing in a future. . . . Orphaned children are the world's children."

When asked if she would run for office, Angelina laughed and said "I don't think anybody here wants that." Except every camera man, journalist, and media executive in the free world.

In an ironic twist, Angelina dragged Shiloh with her to Washington, her only non-adopted child. Shiloh was no where to be seen during the proceedings.

In other matters Brangelina, I saw this great story on CNN this morning. Some 80 yr old man in Massachusetts has his phone number listed on a chat board as Brad Pitts phone number. He received thousands of calls, which he answered. The old guy seemed very good natured about the whole thing and when pressed said that he would have chosen Jennifer Aniston as his wife. Good on him!!

Vergie Does It Again!!

Give up old woman!!! Virgie Arthur has filed an appeal to stop Larry Birkhead taking Dannielynn out of the Bahamas and home with him to the US!!

There is going to be a public court hearing today in the Bahamas and I hope the Judge throws Virgie and her stupid appeal out of court with no recourse. She's the grandmother, no one can take that away from her, and Larry has said that of course she's going to be part of Dannielynn's life. Stop trying to get it in writing.

I think some lame brained lawyer has whispered in Virgie's ear that she could get her hands on some of the Marshall money if she fights hard enough. Dannielynn will probably never see that money, let alone Virgie.

Larry must be furious.

Quote of the Day!

Today's quote comes to us from the lovely Lindsay Lohan from her latest interview with Nylon Magazine on her new movie, I Know Who Killed Me:

"I don't think that there has been a role for an actress like this movie was for me in so long...At first I was like 'I can't do this, I'm getting my leg cut off. I don't want to look like that in scenes, I want to look decent!' But that was just just me being young and stupid. And I have my first sex scene in it, which I always said I wouldn't do...I wanted to this movie so people can see that I'm a f@#%ing actress and I've been doing it forever and it's about time people see that. It felt so good to really act."
So smart, so classy, such brilliant actress.

26 April 2007

Celine and Elvis!!

Further to my recap of Idol Gives Back here's the Elvis and Celine clip. It was just great, and it was like Elvis had come back from the dead. I loved it that they kept the part of him saying "Thank You" at the end.

India Wants to Arrest Gere!

Last week we told you that Richard Gere had caused rioting in India, due to a kiss on the cheek, and now a court in India has ordered Gere's arrest!!

The court considers the repeated kissing on that cheek that Gere laid on Shilpa Shetty, and "obscene act". Shetty has also been told to appear in court.

I'm assuming that Gere is not going to show up for court, because that would just be ridiculous. I'm also assuming that a kiss on the cheek, although not quite continental, is not something that you can be extradited to India for.

Apparently, if Gere steps foot back in India, he can be held there and there is a sentence of up to three months or a fine, if he is arrested. That's going to cramp his Dali Lama visiting style!


Prince Puts Paris in Her Place

Don't you just love Prince! According to The Scoop, via Us Magazine, Paris Hilton was in the audience at Club 3121 in Vegas where Prince was performing. Prince spotted Paris and invited her on stage. He then handed her a microphone and said to the audience "Let's see if she can really sing." Paris threw a hissy fit and stormed off stage leaving the club two songs later. Her reps are of course denying the story and Prince's rep had no comment. I love this story! I totally believe it is true! You go Prince!

Hugh Doesn't Like Beans

Hugh Grant was arrested on Wednesday after going nuts on photographer, Ian Whittaker. Whittaker told the Daily Star that Grant kicked him and threw a plastic container of baked beans at him. Yup. Baked beans. He also claims that Grant asked him if he had kids and when he said he did, Grant said "I hope the die of f**king cancer." Grant is of course denying he said that. His lawyer is confirming that the incident had occurred and was under investigation. Hugh is currently out on bail and will return to court in May.

Idol Gives Back - The Recap!

Ryan Seacrest announces that not only did they get 70 million votes last night, it was going to be the most shocking elimination EVER!!!! OMG!! Is that a suit Simon is wearing??

Hey - it's Ellen De Generes - who asks if she is getting kicked off? I think it's going to be Melinda - that would truly be shocking! Ellen introduces Earth, Wind and Fire. Is that the original guys? They don't look too bad, and they sing a medley!

Quincy Jones mentors the Idols and writes and anthem for them - Time To Care!! Then Quincy conducts and the Idols sing their caring anthem. Blake still looks irritating.

Ben Stiller!! I love Ben Stiller!! Ben sings and threatens not to stop until $200 million has been raised. We are only 30 minutes into the program and already Ryan is torturing the contestants with safe/not safe. Melinda is safe. I was wrong. Blake is safe. This elimination is turning out not to be so shocking after all. Unless of course it's Jordin - gasp!

Jack Black! Jumps on stage and sings Kiss From a Rose - he's fantastic!! Simon says he's better than Sanjaya (whose in the audience - and so is Seal!!) Seal loves him too. Carrie Underwood sings "I'll Stand By You" while they show a montage of Carrie in Africa! She sounds fantastic. Rascal Flatts sing.

Phil is safe!! That means Lakisha, Jordin and Chris are the bottom three - WHAT?? Jordin??

Ellen personally donates $100,000. Then Josh Groban sings "You Raise Me Up". Everyone is getting teary. Kelly Clarkson wearing some kind of Janis Joplin mumu thing, sings Up to the Mountain. The crowd goes nuts.

Lakisha is safe. What's going on here - this leaves Chris and Jordin. I'm not getting a good feeling.

Celine Dion and Elvis. Elvis is in the building - I'm so excited. It's hologram Elvis!!!! It's bloody brilliant. Elvis is really standing there next to her. They are singing "If I Can Dream". I LOVE it.

Finally the elimination - it's NOBODY!! Everyone is safe!! How cruel. Jordin is in tears. Next week two people go home. Yikes. Total let down. Bono finally shows up!! Idols sing "American Prayer". It's all over.

25 April 2007

Larry Birkhead Free Bring Dannielynn to the US

Breaking News: A Judge in the Bahamas has decided that Larry Birkhead can take Dannielynn home with him to the US, as soon as he wishes, on the condition that he return to the Bahamas on June 6 for the formal custody hearing.

That's great news for Larry!! I only have one question - has Dannielynn's US passport been fast tracked in the Bahamas so she can leave with Larry? No one is even mentioning the passport!!

Apparently Larry wants to leave with his daughter in the next few days.

Of course Vergie Arthur kicked up a stink, but it looks like she's not going to get anywhere with her crazy demands.


Melanie Brown is a Wacko

Melanie Brown is so distraught over Eddie Murphy dumping her when she was five months pregnant and not admiting to the fact that he is the father that she has decided to do some voodoo on his ass. Brown took along friend Elizabeth Rodriquez when she hired a Spanish priestess to cast spells in the hopes that her personal life would improve. Rodriquez told British magazine Closure,

"Mel asked me to come along because she knew I had an interest in voodoo and could speak Spanish to help her communicate with Tabitha. Mel was totally into it. In one ritual she had to write down the names of people involved in her troubles and put the paper, a pair of Eddie's boxers, her knickers as well as a photo of themselves all in a jar and bury it."
I was totally going along with this story until Melanie Brown's friend said that the voodoo woman's name was Tabitha! Tabitha! As in the little witch girl from Bewitched? Come on! What do you think? Think we are going to see Eddie Murphy all of a sudden go into some crazed trance while saying "I love you Mel!"?

What's That Smell?

Have you gotten your very own special Earl smelly card yet? NBC is hoping to boost ratings for My Name is Earl by letting viewers actually smell what's going on in the show. The special smelly episode is set to air on May 3rd and you can get your scent card now in TV Guide and US Magazine. The card will have six different smells: new car, obnoxious cologne and Oreo cookies among others. When you get the prompt during the show, you do the scratch and sniff thing. Um, ok. Not real sure about this plan. I love My Name is Earl but I don't need to smell it.

Dial Idol - Will They Be Right Again?

Dial Idol has Chris Richardson with the lowest number of votes!!! I'm dying to find out who goes home tonight - it really could be anyone except Jordan. I still think it's either Lakisha or Chris, although I'd love it if it was Blake.

Tonight on American Idol it's going to be quite the extravaganza. Kelly Clarkson will perform, there will be footage of Carrie Underwood in Africa, and the moment I can't wait for Celine Dion and Elvis Presley performing a duet!! Yes, THE Elvis, through the miracle of modern technology, back from the dead! Ellen De Generes is hosting on the Kodak Theatre stage, and Ryan Seacrest in the regular studio. Make snacks!! It's two hours long. See you on the other side!

The Leg Stays On, Mills Goes Home

Last night, Heather Mills was kicked off Dancing With the Stars. She came prepared with a little speech tucked into her costume.

"I would like to thank the public," she said on Tuesday night's show. "Wherever
I go, kids are like, 'Oh my God.' But the best part is that we raise hundreds of
thousands of dollars for animals."

Mills has been a controversial contestant from day one, and there were lots of people like me, like me waiting with baited breath for her leg to fly off during the competition. It didn't. She has been a big draw for the show, and Mills has also used the show to try and sway pubic opinion, as the British media has been brutal to her during her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney. She was probably hoping to become a huge celebrity in the US, but I don't quite think that's going to work out for her. She's a blip on the radar of celebrity.

Pax Got a New Name

Angelina Jolie filed a petition to change the last name of Pax from Pax Thien Jolie to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. The papers, obtained by TMZ (who else?) are requesting the changes to reflect the last name of her partner, Brad Pitt, and so that it is the same as her other children. I'm not sure why she didn't put Jolie-Pitt on the original papers when she adopted Pax in March but I guess this puts a stop to the latest rumors following the Jolie-Pitts, that they are breaking up.

Bye Bye to Rosie?

Are the morning airwaves about to get a little quieter? TMZ is reporting that today Rosie O'Donnell will announce that she is leaving the morning bitch fest, The View. Word is that she will finish the season though. TMZ says that they have spoken to "multiple industry people" who say that the buzz started from within the show itself. I hope so. I'm really sick of hearing about Rosie and all her feuds. She has used The View as her own little soap box. This is one episode I will not miss!

UPDATE: Rosie just announced that she will leave the view.
"I've decided we couldn't come to terms with my deal."
Rosie wanted one more year but ABC wanted three. She will be on "frequently" next season however. Barbara Walters said they have not thought of a replacement yet.

Idol - Gives Back!!

Last night's American Idol was quite the mixed bag. Bono was announced by Ryan Seacrest as the mentor, but was never seen. Maybe he has nothing to plug. The six performances were interspersed with footage from Africa and all around America of needy children. It was all very moving, and I do think that Idol is trying to be genuine with this fund raising effort. One of the best pieces was Simon going to a huge food bank in LA and meeting the volunteers. He proclaimed "I've never met nice people before!". Maybe that's part of his problem? Ryan also informed us that NewsCorp (Fox's parent company) would be donating 10c for every vote called in up to 50 million votes - that's $5 million dollars. So everyone was endlessly encouraged to vote and often!

The performances were ordinary except for Jordin, who stole the show with "You'll Never Walk Alone". She was amazing. Blake Lewis sang a flat and uninspired version of John Lennon's "Imagine". Lakisha murdered Fantasia's "I Believe". I can't remember what Chris Richardson sang. Melinda gave a nice performance of a Faith Hill song and Phil did quite a good job with Garth Brooks' "The Change".

My prediction - Idol will get 50 million votes and make $5 million from NewsCorp and either Blake or Lakisha will get the hook.

24 April 2007

Hmmmm...Could it Really Be?

US Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn may be back together! According to the magazine, "sources" tell them that Vaughn spent the night at Aniston's home on April 21st! If they are getting back together, that could explain all the working out he has been doing lately! I think they make a super cute couple so I hope this rumor is true!

Models Can Write

80's supermodel Paulina Porizkova has written her first novel, A Model Summer, all about the wicked world of international modeling. The main character is a 15 year old who gets discovered and then finds out the gritty reality of the modeling world the hard way.

Entertainment Weekly gives it an A- and says:

Yes, supermodels can write. Porizkova delivers a dizzyingly detailed and
wrenching tale of innocence lost.

Paulina has the distinction of being the first person kicked off Dancing With the Stars this season, but I get the impression that her writing is much better than her dancing. She's been making the rounds of the talk shows this week, and there seems to be a good buzz around the book.

A Model Summer is another book I can't wait to read!

House Struts the Cat Walk

Hugh Laurie gave attendees of an event that showcased the new "House-ism" t-shirts for charity a good laugh when he strutted down the cat walk. He really got into it, 'hips swinging and sashaying' all the way. All proceeds from the t-shirts benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The slogan "Everybody Lies" is a phrase made famous by Hugh's character Dr. Gregory House. What one? You can purchase yours by going to housecharitytees.

Carrie and Tony Sitting in a Tree........

Way back in January Carrie Underwood stated in no uncertain terms that she spent no time at all with Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. Thing have changed apparently!!

Carrie helped Tony celebrate his 27th Birthday on the weekend and sources tell PEOPLE that they were looking very "together".

At Romo's party, the VIP section of Ghostbar was closed off for the football star's guests, who had their own private bar and seating area. But Underwood and Romo didn't stay in seclusion: They ventured into the deejay booth before midnight, where they played tunes and led the crowd in a loud version of Twisted Sister's hit "We're Not Gonna Take It." "They sang and everybody joined in – I mean everybody," a rep for Ghostbar says. "It was pretty funny." Underwood and Romo stayed in the deejay booth for around 45 minutes before returning to the VIP area. "They definitely weren't keeping their relationship a secret," says another insider. And Underwood put her singing talent to good use when she led the entire club in singing "Happy Birthday" to Romo. The club also had "Happy Birthday Tony Romo" posted on all its video screens.

A rep for Carrie Underwood said, "They have recently been spending a little time together." But, says Schmidt, they are "definitely not boyfriend/girlfriend. It's very casual at this point. It's [in the] really early stages."

Hmmmm, sounds like love is in the air!!

UPDATE: Click here for some photos of the birthday party. They're definitely dating by the looks of things!!

It's 8:00am EST...Kate Posting Time!

This latest story comes to us from The Mail and to be honest with you, I'm not sure I believe a word of it. According to The Mail, Kate Middleton was quite the flirt on Thursday night when out partying with friends. She zoned in on architect Alex Shirley-Smith at the club.

"She was dancing in the middle of a group of about five guys, who all seemed a lot more drunk than her," Alex tells The Mail on Sunday. "The James Brown song Sex Machine came on and she flicked her hair and looked over her shoulder at me. The next thing I knew she had twirled backwards towards me so her back was up against me. She started doing some very sexy moves and she was absolutely gorgeous." Alex, 30, says Kate is a great dancer and has fantastic legs. She winked at him and put her hands on his shoulders during the song Unbelievable by EMF and they sang the words together as they danced.
So what do you think? This Alex guy sure isn't holding back with the details. If Kate Middleton really came up to some random guy in a club, I seriously doubt he would remember the exact song that was playing let alone say things like "she flicked her hair..." He sounds like he just wants to be in the press but that's probably because I'd like to think Kate is a bit more subtle than that.

Wow! Britney Really IS Getting in Shape!

Try to get past the fishnets with cut off mini skirt and those damn boots again and check out Britney's abs!! She obviously has been working hard and it is clearly paying off. Now, if only I could see what's happening under that wig!


23 April 2007

Awful. Just Awful.

Gad zooks Mischa! What are you wearing!? The high waisted short WITH pleats is the worst thing ever. That doesn't look good on anyone! That would have been bad enough but then she had to throw those boots in the mix and tuck in the shirt! Wow. I am without words.

I Do Link Monday's......

Beyonce is crazy on tour in Australia, and she only has three fans!

Suri Cruise attends Grier Henchy's birthday party . Isn't Suri's birthday the same day?

Mr Malakar goes to Washington.

Barry Watson, who I think looks exactly like a young Mark Hamill, has a birthday, along with a couple of million other people.

The Spice Girls show up for Bluebell Madonna's Baptism.

Vote for the Worst is now gunning for Phil Stacey.

Anna Nicole's movie, Illegal Aliens to debut at Cannes.

Milk For All

My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly tells Redbook that she is freaked out by her pregnant body. She says she is "psyched for the birth" next month, but her thighs and chest are another story.

"These little saddlebags on the side of me right now - I've never had anything like that. And my boobs are completely out of control. When my milk comes in, I'm going to be able to feed a small village."

Wow. Thanks for the visual! Personally, I think she is adorable.

Chevy Chase is Pissed

In Chevy Chase's new autobiography, "I'm Chevy Chase...And You're Not", he talks about the beatings he suffered as a child at the hands of his mentally-ill mother and stepfather. He claims he was subjected to 'psychological torture' and has never forgiven them.

"I don't remember what it was for, or what I had done. I lived in fear all the time - deathly fear. I always turn to it in my mind...I'll never forgive them. You would think a grown man could shake it off, as the coffin was being lowered, to say, 'I forgive you.' I don't forgive."
Just a little Monday morning pick-me-up for you!
Grab your copy over at Amazon!

Brian Friedman is Nuts...Not That I Have Any Idea Who He Is.

Britney Spears is on the road to a big comeback, at least she is according to Grease is the Word judge Brian Friedman. He believes she has "taken control" of her "issues" saying,

"Every decision she's made in the past month has been positive. Her life is going in a very positive direction."
I'm not really sure what other direction she could be going in. Seems to me, once you hit bottom, there is no where to go but up. This Friedman guy goes on to give the most ridiculous quote ever,

"It takes a lot of courage for a woman to go without hair and people who have done it, I feel, are great role models."
I can't take it. Britney, a great role model?! He then throws in a teaser saying that her bald head could be a big part of her new music and image but insists it's "top secret". Didn't Sinead O'Conner already do that?

Kate Likes Fishnets

Ok, I'm pretty sure that Kate Middleton has become my new celeb obsession. Too bad I'm not British. I am loving watching the transformation from uptight girlfriend of a Prince to out on the town every night 20-something. She is really enjoying the single life!

22 April 2007

Beyonce Only Has Three Fans

Beyonce arrived in Australia on Saturday morning to a screaming crowd of ..... three. That must have been a huge disappointment for Miss Knowles. She's probably used to a better reception than that. Personally, I wouldn't cross the street to see Beyonce, but that's just me.

The two sisters and a friend who greeted Beyonce at the airport in Sydney said:

"We were here on Friday but we got the day wrong because when we showed up,there was no one here," said Helen, 23. We decided to come back because we really didn't want to miss out on seeing Beyonce. Not only did we end up seeing her, she actually came to meet us.".

No kidding - I would be hard to ignore the three sad fans that were there for you.

Maybe this lack of fan adoration in Australia prompted a rather lame performance by the sound of things at her first Australian concert.

She teased her fans by singing only snippets of her hits Baby Boy and Love To Love You, preferring to spend more time showing off her carefully choreographed dance moves.It was left to her backup singers to make up for her lack of vocals.It might have been the jetlag, as the star flew into Sydney Airport from Japan only yesterday morning, but she took long and frequent breaks between songs.

Source 1
Source 2

20 April 2007

Joel Madden is an Idiot

Nicole Richie really knows how to pick 'em.

"Without cigarettes, I would be doing heroin, probably. On a daily basis." - Joel Madden


Dannielynn Is Still In the Bahamas: No Resolution

Like a once fantastic television show that is now limping along in it's 13th season, the Dannielynn custody battle is dragged out once again, with no resolution reached today. Larry Birkhead emerged from the courtroom today and said "I gotta call my travel agent, but I don't know if I need one ticket or two". Cryptic. Also, he could just go online and use Expedia or something!! Who has travel agents these day?

Virgie Arthur came out and said "I'm still holding on". Virgie wants visitation right and custody if anything happens to Larry. Ridiculous. Larry said earlier in the week that his own mother wants to be a grandmother as well, but he's not going to sign a piece of paper that states that.

Then Stern came out and said that Vergie was holding everything up, in his opinion it should have been over today and Vergie has "proved herself to be what Anna Nicole always told me."

Another hearing is set for Wednesday. Please, please, please let this be over on Wednesday and let Larry take his little girl home!!

Click here to watch TMZ's video.

Boot Intervention Needed!

Someone quick call the chicks over at "What Not to Wear" because Britney needs an intervention! She wears those cowboy boots with everything!! Someone please! Take them away! And I think that hat is becoming a staple of her wardrobe as well! I know I said she looked pretty good in the last photo, and I still think she does but minus those boots! Ack!

Worst Idea of the Day

Variety is reporting that Cathy Schulman, president of Mandalay Pictures and Mandalay Independent Pictures at Universal has announced a remake of Alfred Hitchock's classic film, "The Birds", scheduled to be in production by early fall.

“We think we have a very contemporary take,” Schulman said. “In the original, the birds just showed up, and it was kind of like, why are the birds here? This time, there’s a reason why they’re here and (people) have had something to do with it. There’s an environmental slant to what could create nature fighting back.”
Woah! What?? This is such a bad idea! "The Birds" is a fantastic film! How dare she mess with Hitchock!! Am I the only one outraged by this? I'm fine with the birds just showing up and I really never needed a reason! 'Environmental slant'? Just leave it alone lady!

Britney Blasts Her Dad

Britney Spears recently fired her manager, Larry Rudolph, after blaming him for forcing her to go to rehab and ruining her image. Now Brit's dad, Jamie Spears, is taking her former manager's side sending this email to Page Six:

"When Larry Rudolph talked Britney into going into rehab, he was doing what her mother, father and team of professionals with over 100 years of experience knew needed to be done. She was out of control. Larry was the one chosen by the team to roll up his sleeves and deliver the message, to help save her life.
"The Spears family would like to publicly apologize to Larry for our daughter's statements about him over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, she blames him and her family for where she is at today with her kids and career. Larry has always been there for Britney. For this, we will forever be grateful to him."
This got Britney all riled up and responded, via her rep:

"I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It's sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman's love. I am concentrating on my work and my life right now."
Nothing like having a family dispute in the pages of Page Six! Britney is convinced that she suffered from postpartum depression and that going to Promises was totally unnecessary. A friend of hers tells page Six that Britney "had no drugs in her system when she was admitted to Promises - they tested her and there was nothing." She goes on to give a possible explanation for the head shaving debacle saying "Britney's aunt had just died of cancer. She was feeling very guilty because she hadn't been there with her, she was overwhelmingly depressed and she shaved her head in solidarity."
That actually makes sense to me, especially if she was already suffering from postpartum depression but who knows. Her behavior has been all over the map.

Odd Pairing

I have no idea if this is true or not, even Hello calls it a rumor, but word is that Jennifer Aniston has enlisted the help of chef Jamie Oliver as her teammate to compete in The Big Give, Oprah's new reality show. The premise of the show is that celebrity pairs compete to find the most "innovative and dramatic way to donate money to charity". Sounds interesting. I never would have put those two together though. Seems to me that Jennifer Aniston could raise a ton more money if she had teamed up with Courteney Cox!

Kate Goes Clubbing

Hello Magazine has this photo of Kate Middleton out on the town looking great in a mini dress. Now that her and Prince William have split, Kate can feel free to wear what she wants without having to follow the 'royal decorum'. Must be a relief to finally be able to dress her age! The same day that these photos were taken, she also returned to work as a fashion buyer. A source told the Daily Mirror,

"She seemed very calm and together. She sat outside in the sunshine laughing and
joking with friends and looked very well. She just wants to get back to normal."

Paris Pretends to Workout by Hiring Fake Trainer to Walk Around With Her

This is just to funny for words. Here we see Paris Hilton and her "trainer". She is having a frozen coffee, carrying a giant gold bag, wearing pants that are 4 sizes too long, jewelry and makeup. Yup, that's how I show up for my workout sessions too. Love how the trainer is carrying a thigh master, way to look official buddy.


Alec Baldwin is Sick

Alec Baldwin went on a rampage over the phone to his 11-year old daughter, Ireland. The tape is so disturbing, to think that anyone can speak to their child like this is incredible. You can hear the entire recording over at TMZ. Some of the insults he throws at Ireland is to call her a "thoughtless little pig" he also threatens her by saying "You better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me."

Kim Basinger's publicist told TMZ "The voicemail speaks for itself."

Alec Baldwin's gave this statement to Extra

"In the best interest of the child, Alec will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing...keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order. The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order. Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years."

19 April 2007

Michael Buble Proposes in a Magazine!

Michael Buble and actress girlfriend Emily Blunt, star of Devil Wears Prada, have been dating for two years. In an interview in the Canadian edition of Hello Magazine, he not only announced how much he loves her but he proposed to her as well!
"I'm going to marry her," confirms the Grammy-nominated star. When asked if he's just proposed, he confirms: "Yes. I have, haven't I? It's sort of proposing to her through the magazine."
Buble and Blunt have been together ever since they met backstage at one of his concerts in 2004.

Take That, Lindsay!

In the May issue of Blender, Stevie Nicks sets the record straight about Lindsay Lohan wanting to play her in a movie.

"Lindsay Lohan thinks she is going to play me! But what the hell movie does she think she’s talking about? There is no book, there is no screenplay, there is no movie. There is never going to be a movie made without me, because it’s never going to be the story of me. Even though a lot has been written about me, the fact is that nobody actually has a clue to what my life was really like. So good luck, Lindsay."
I love this. It's nice to see someone putting Lindsay in her place. I get the feeling she thinks she can pretty much play anyone in any film. Nice that Stevie put her foot down.

Happy 33rd Birthday Victoria!

David Beckham had quite the birthday in store for wife Victoria Beckham! Here is a run down of the night:

$50,000 on a private jet to Paris
$12,000 on a night stay at the Ritz-Carleton
$14,000 on the dress pictured
$3,000 on a pair of couture Louboutins.

Nice that he got her a dress for the night and all and it's cute, but those shoes! Seriously? And am I the only one who is getting a wee bit uncomfortable with David's super tight pants?

Perfect Spring Blanket

Style Watch got the inside scoop on the adorable bag Courteney Cox was carrying at her husband's premier for The Tripper. Turns out, it isn't a bag at all but a picnic blanket carrier! The carrier was given out to everyone who attended David Arquette's premier because it was held outside. It comes in several different patterns and is totally affordable at $18! Perfect for spring picnics or summer concerts. You can get yours at katalinaklark.com!