21 June 2007

Summertime Blues

We just wanted to put up a quick note to say that during the summer we will only be updating the site sporadically, as the kids are home, vacations are happening, and the celebrities are all in rehab!!

Of course - if something really big happens we are there!!

If you'd like an email when we update, send us an email with "UPDATE" in the subject line to Fashionsreality@gmail.com

Have a great summer!

Kate & Mia
p.s....crocs? really Mr. President?

19 June 2007

A New Golfer is Born

Tiger Woods announced on his website that his wife Elin gave birth to their new baby daughter, Sam Alexis Woods early Monday morning, June 18th. I wonder if either she actually gave birth earlier than that or if he knew she was in labor because I watched the last day, Sunday, of the US Open and he looked a little off. No pictures yet but I have my fingers crossed. I bet she is adorable!

In other baby news, Keri Russell had a baby boy on June 9th, it was announced Monday. And Sam Alexis Woods shares her birthday with Julia Roberts' newest addition, a son named Henry Daniel Moder!

16 June 2007

Daytime Emmy's!!

I watched the Daytime Emmy's Red Carpet and then the show last night. I really like the Daytime Emmy's, because the soap stars are so happy to be there, don't have A List Celeb attitudes and some of them look like mutton dressed up as lamb, which is basically ordinary people with lots of makeup on. And even though I usually have no clue who anyone is, I like looking at all the pretty outfits!

Last night brought a gem in another form - Chandra Wilson (Dr Bailey from Grey's) working the red carpet for SoapNet. Apparently she is a soap addict and she was super excited to see everyone. It was very touching and nice, and she made great TV.

Here is Chandra with some guy called Dan Gauthier who was nominated for Outstanding Support Actor in One Life To Live. Look how excited she is!!

Weekend Musings.....

Rod Stewart got married yesterday for the third time, to his girlfriend of seven years, Penny Lancaster.

Now here's his three wives next to each other in order: Alana Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Penny Lancaster

See a pattern developing here? Rachel Hunter and Penny Lancaster are practically indistinguishable from each other. Totally bizarre.

15 June 2007

Plug Your Ears

So it looks like the rumors of a Spice Girl reunion tour are in fact true. Sporty Spice was the only holdout but now it seems she is on board. She told a BBC London 94.9 just how exciting it all is going to be.

"For the first time ever, there is some truth in the rumours. We've been discussing it and it could possibly happen. I've always said, 'I don't want to do it, the past is the past. It was amazing, it was magical. We could never recreate it.' But this year people have been talking about it and some of the girls have expressed an interest in doing it. There is just so much great feeling out there and I just thought, you know what, I don't want to be the person that stops it happening or stops it being a five-piece."
Magical?! That seems a bit of a stretch. How much do you want to bet that this is going to be a reality show?

In other Spice news, here is Victoria Beckham at the launch of her new fashion line, DVB in New York yesterday. Busy girl that Posh.

Nicole Trying for a 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card?

The pregnancy rumors continue to swirl around Nicole Richie. Page Six has this little jem today,

Nicole Richie is being coy on the question of whether she's pregnant, but a good pal of hers says she's definitely carrying Joel Madden's love spawn. "Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail," the friend said. Richie is facing time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year. But friends are concerned and "wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues," we're told. A rep for Richie didn't return calls.

So basically, if this is true, Nicole and Joel watch My Name is Earl and figured, 'hey, it worked for Joy!' and decided to give it a shot. Good luck Nicole, my guess is you will be in the cell right next to Paris.

Justin Timberlake is Arrogant

Justin needs to take a few steps down from that high horse he is on. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, he sets the record straight about his relationship with Jessica Biel by calling her simply "a very dear friend" and said that she texts him all the time, how embarrassing. When asked who the love of his life is, he said "I haven't met her yet." Slam to not only Jessica but Cameron (who he refers to as "one of my very best friends") as well, I would imagine. He says that she was the one who wanted to join him on his tour, that it wasn't his idea.

"She truly insisted that she came with me on tour. I don't know how to say no to a pretty face. But it wasn't really a good idea," Justin admits. "This time I'm putting the machine before everything else. Jessica met up with me in Manchester, but for Paris I told her categorically no. This tour is very important for me. I'm doing it really seriously so there's no question of playing sweethearts!"
Way to let her down easy. He then goes on to go on and on about himself and what a fantastic catch he is.

I defy a girl not to fall for me if I'm on a surfboard or snowboarding," he challenged. "It's my secret weapon if a girl resists me." He also says "plenty" of men hit on him, too.
Give me a break! You just made yourself a lot less attractive Justin.

14 June 2007

Angelina Goes Vintage

Last night in New York at the premier of A Mighty Heart, Angelina Jolie showed up in a dress that cost $26.00. Angelina told Access Hollywood that she got the dress at vintage store Wasteland, on Melrose Avenue in LA. Translated, that means she had a stylist comb through tons of stuff and find this gem for her. She did have Christian Louboutin shoes on, which probably cost twenty times what her dress cost.
Her other accessory was priceless: Brad Pitt.

Stop Your Hating!

Shar Jackson spoke to US Magazine about the nasty little rumor that had her pregnant with K-Fed's baby.

Us: How do you think the pregnancy rumor started?
Shar Jackson: Honestly, some people are just really unhappy that me and Kevin have a great friendship. Obviously some people can't handle that. Some people like to start stuff to make their little lives better.
Us: So for the record, you are not pregnant.
SJ: Not at all. I am not pregnant. Have you seen my new stomach? Are you kidding me? I am not going to ruin that. That is so stupid. Not only is it stupid but it's unhealthy. I could die. So obviously the person who made this up isn't that bright. Let your readers know there is no way in hell I would waste $16,000 on a tummy tuck and get pregnant. I have no time and no plans to get pregnant any time soon. And when I say I have no time, I'm talking years. So whoever's hating should stop and focus on their own problems.
I love her. She is totally hilarious. Throw out that dollar amount girl!

The Donald Looking to Clean Up Young Girls

Donald Trump and Fox are developing a new reality show (because there are just not enough of them on TV) called Lady or a Tramp. Basically, he will send party girls to charm school then they will have etiquette challenges and of course, at the end of each episode, one 'tramp' will be booted off.

“We are all sick and tired of the glamorization of these out-of-control young women, so I have taken it upon myself to do something about it. I am creating a real-life version of My Fair Lady with my company Trump Productions. This show is all about getting a second chance and transforming for the better; the idea is genius and the show will be huge.”
Good 'ol Donald, you can always count on him to think positively about himself. If the show goes, it will air midseason.

Posh: Only worth One Hour of Time

Unfortunately for us, Kate and I did not get our wish of a weekly Posh reality show. NBC says that the series has been condensed to a one hour special, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, and will air on July 16. I really was hoping for a longer look into the Posh world but I guess I have to settle for one lousy hour.

13 June 2007

The Laws of Motion

Two of my favorite people, Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry, are busy making a movie together, "The Laws of Motion", which is in production right now.

In the movie, Perry plays a husband struggling with life in a repressive career and community along with headaches caused by his free-spirited brother and sister. Lauren Graham will play his wife and Hilary Swank will take on a supporting role as well as being a producer of the film.

Apparently Graham and Perry used to date, but Lauren Graham insists they have always been "friends".

I think they would make a great couple!! They had lots of magic together in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip when Graham guest starred (which Perry is brilliant in and I can't believe they have cancelled that show!!). Lauren Graham is always going on Ellen and saying how she doesn't have a man in her life. Maybe life is imitating art (eg Gilmore Girls) and her soul mate is right in front of her eyes?

Aniston Adopting?

OK Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Aniston is the next celebrity to do the ultra 'in' thing by adopting a baby.

Inspired by her good friend Sheryl Crow, who just became a mom to adopted son Wyatt, Jennifer Aniston is seriously considering adopting a baby. The 38-year-old actress has met with the same adoption agency that helped bring Sheryl and her son together.
They are also saying that she really wants a boy. Maybe she wants a boy in the hopes that he can hook up with best friend Courteney's daughter, Coco, later in life. I wonder what her new hottie boyfriend Paul Sculfor thinks of this baby news?

Evan Almighty Premiere

They had a green carpet for the Evan Almighty premiere on Sunday. I can't quite figure out why everyone looks so....eh....super casual except that maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon? Adam Sandler looked like he was on his way to McDonald's and Kevin James, I don't even know what to say about Kevin James. Sandler joked with the press when asked about his appearance saying, "What?! You think I'm not dressed up for a premiere?"

But Lauren Graham! She looks gorgeous as usual. Makes me miss my Gilmore Girls Tuesdays.

Is K-Fed Still Populating the Earth?

In a shocking turn of events, The New York Post's Cindy Adams is claiming that Shar Jackson is 7 weeks pregnant with Kevin Federline's child!!!!! And that he doesn't know and he's going to find out by reading her column!!

Apparently Shar wants to get back together with K-Fed. I have no clue if this pregnancy rumor is true, but this will probably set Britney off on a whole new series of freak outs.

I'd be scared to stand in the same room with K-Fed. He seems extremely fertile.

UPDATE: Shar Jackson is not pregnant


Poor Michael J. Fox. Here he is, trying to enjoy the Muhammad Ali photo exhibition last night in New York but looks absolutely terrified to be so close to Mariah Carey!

Isaiah Washington Gives Statment....In Third Person

I hate when people talk like this. So damn annoying. I'm glad he got the boot.....arrogant s.o.b.

"I can only apologize so many times," Isaiah said. "I can only accept so much responsibility. All the players involved have taken care of what we needed to take care of in-house – and the media took it in a different direction. I hope that everyone is happy for the outcome for Isaiah, but Isaiah will go on and do what I love to do."

Katie Wants to be Posh

Katie Holmes got her hair cut. Gee, thinks she wants to look just like her new BFF Posh Spice? Bet she colors it blonde next.

12 June 2007

Why Brit? Why?

This dress is awful, and the boots are just plain ugly. Later on she just fell out of it all together.

Get a stylist!!

Look at Posh's Shoes!!

Posh got to throw out the first ball at the Dodgers game the other night, and I just can't get over the shoes she wore to do it!!

The Daily Mail is also reporting that Posh married for love, not money.

"I can't do without love. I would rather live in a council flat with David than in Beckingham Palace without him."

Hmm, don't believe it for a minute, but whatever.

And if you are wondering what this is, it's Posh smiling. I can't remember the last time that happened.

11 June 2007

News of the Day

Today's big stories were.....

Paris called Barbara Walters yesterday and told her she "used to act dumb. It was all an act. That act is no longer cute" This statement assumes that we all thought it was cute to begin with. She also assures Babs that she is a changed person, a more spiritual one who wants to build a "Paris Playhouse, where sick children might come..." She is even reading The Wall Street Journal.

TMZ is reporting that Paris is suffering from 'extreme ADD and claustrophobia' and that while in jail, she was having severe panic attacks which caused her to be so debilitated, 'she could not push the panic button in her cell. Yawn.

Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard of 2 years, Lee Weaver, spilled his guts to News of the World. Among the gory details are: she attacked a coke dealer, slit her wrists in front of her friends and enjoys lesbian romps.

Britney Spears has forgiven her mother for putting her in rehab. Britney, her sister Jamie Lynn and mom Lynn Spears met yesterday in Bel Air. Maybe Britney realized that at least her mother, unlike momma Lohan, may have actually had her best interest in mind when dropping her off at Promises.

Paris Gets Visitors

Sunday was family day but poor Paris was only allowed to have two visitors. She picked her sister Nicky and ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. I cannot believe after her screaming and crying for her mom that she picked an ex over her for her first visiting day. Anyway, she is still in the medical facility, on her meds and there is still no plan to appeal. Photo from The Washington Post.


Naomi Watts looked lovely last night at the Tony Awards with boyfriend, Liev Schreiber. Watts could only be weeks or maybe days away from having her baby.

10 June 2007

Paris Too Scared to Pee

It's all become clear to me now. Paris couldn't care less about actually being in jail, just about using the facilities. According to the Daily News, Paris didn't eat or drink anything for 3 days because she was petrified that guards or staff would take a photo of her on the toilet.

The stainless steel lavatory in the hotel heiress' 12-foot-by-8-foot cell was in plain view of a large window in the door, which guards could look through 24hours a day."She was absolutely terrified that one of the guards or staffers would get her with the cell-phone cam and it would wind up on the Internet," a Hilton insider said yesterday.

That would probably make me paralysed and unable to go as well. On the other hand, Paris has been photographed numerous times getting out of a cars with out underwear on, not to mention the sex tape, so why does she care if there is a photo of her peeing?

My helpful suggestion, hold it until lights out.

Click here to see an hilarious photo of Spiderman holding up a "Free Paris" sign.

08 June 2007

Breaking News: Paris Back to Jail!!!!

No party for Paris tonight!! TMZ has just reported that the Judge has ordered Paris back to jail!!!!

Paris was screaming "Mom, Mom, Mom" and had to be physcially dragged out of the courtroom by a deputy.

Paris Cries on Way to Court

Paris cried as she was hauled away to face the court again today. As Mia previously posted, it was absolutely insane outside Paris's house as the Sherrif arrived to take her to court. An MSNBC reporter was run over!! According to TMZ.com Paris was cuffed before she was driven to the court house.

We are now patiently wait for the results of the hearing.

TMZ has the blow by blows

Paris Frenzy

There is a total frenzy outside of Paris' house right now because she is due to appear in court at noon pacific time today. Kate and I are crossing our fingers and toes that they put her ass back into the slammer.

Meanwhile, while MSNBC was broadcasting, delivery trucks started to arrive at her mansion with.....party supplies!! Including stemware, outdoor heaters among other things. Members of the paparazzi told the MSNBC reporter that yes, Paris was in fact planning on having a party tonight. This of course is not confirmed, but it sure looks like it to me! So, if little Ms. Hilton was so distraught and on the verge of a mental breakdown in jail and it was so serious that she had to be sent home, how the hell is she able to throw a party tonight?! I hope this is brought in front of the court this afternoon.

Bitten Officially Launches

Sarah Jessica Parker was on The Today Show this morning promoting her new clothing line, Bitten. Of course before Matt could get to the fashion show, he had to ask her to address the frenzy around the possibility of a Sex in the City reunion. Here is what SJP had to say:

"I'm hopeful but there are simple logistic things to work out. There is some serious discussion though. I'm very hopeful."

She looked like she knew more but was trying very hard to not let the cat out of the bag. I would love to see them team up again!

On to Bitten. She showed the stuff that we all have now seen no less than 100 times, first on Oprah a few weeks back. Yesterday was the official launch in a New York mall where hundreds of women showed up to try and get their hands on anything they could. The Washington Post has a hilarious article today about the mayhem that went down when the doors opened. One woman sounds like she was going to pass out saying,
"Oh my God! It's everywhere. I'm so overwhelmed right now!"
I'm excited to see the line for myself, although not quite as excited as that chick, and since you can't buy it online, Kate and I are organizing a road trip to our closest Steve & Barry store. At less than $20 a piece, I may have to stock up...for the blog of course!

No More Dr Burke!

Isaiah Washington has been fired from Grey's Anatomy. The suspense has ended.

I guess that final scene of the Grey's Season finale was true in two senses - Dr Burke will not be returning and neither will Isaiah Washington!

Howard Bragman, Washington's publicist, says Washington's option was not renewed, and released this statement from the actor: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more." Bragman did not elaborate on the statement, a reference to the 1976 film Network.
That's too bad. I always liked the character of Dr Burke, although I was never able to look at him the same way after the "incident" with T.R. Knight.

07 June 2007

Pregnant Or Just Had Lunch?

If you believe Life & Style, Nicole Richie is pregnant. If you ask me, she is just a super skinny girl who gets a mini bump right after she eats or drinks anything. Here is what Life & Style has to say today:

Rumors have swirled recently that super-skinny Nicole Richie is pregnant — and
new photos show a definite bump. Now an insider reveals to Life & Style in this week’s cover story that Nicole, 25, recently underwent tests, including blood and urine screenings, that confirmed she is pregnant!

The Luckiest Girl on the Planet Speaks

TMZ has gotten a statement from Paris Hilton via her attorney.

"I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally. I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes."

My Day Just Got Better

I thought today was officially in the can after the Paris debacle but thanks to my partner Kate, I have just learned that my hollywood crush is contributing to the Huffington Post! And what did I learn from reading his blog entry? That not only is Ryan Reynolds incredibly hot and a great actor and totally hilarious, but he can write! He has a brain in that pretty little head of his! All is right with the world again.
Go check it out for yourself here!

Is Britney Dating her Counsellor?

Britney is said to be dating her drug counsellor, John Sundahl.

The 25-year-old rehabbed star insists that her relationship with John Sundahl is purely professional — but her soon-to-be-ex-hubby insists they’re dating and her mother is thrilled the two are supposedly seeing each other, according to the
National Enquirer. “John’s smitten with Britney,” a source described as “close
to the new couple” told the tab. “I’ve never seen him act so ridiculous with a girl. He’s so in love with her that he’s risking his career just to keep her happy.”

Britney is turning into a serial dater. This year alone she's dated this guy and this guy, and some other rumored hookups with other people I can't remember.

However, if it's true, I think it's inappropriate for her to be dating her counsellor. This will all end in tears. Lynn Spears is also reported to be pleased with the relationship and thinks that "this guy is exactly what Britney needs to turn her life around.” Haven't they all been what she needed?

Sundahl is 38 yrs old, and a successful and wealthy real estate developer. Maybe he's still on drugs if he's this interested in the out of control wreck that is Britney.

BREAKING NEWS: LA Sheriff Press Conference

First of all, I don't think Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson Steve Whitmore was aware that the microphones where on when he said the following: "If I was doing any better, I'd have to be twins to enjoy it!" he is obviously pretty happy to be rid of Paris and the circus that follows her.

"...after extensive consultation (which he later clarified as "dozens of consultations over 3 or 4 days.") with medical personnel, Paris Hilton will be reassigned to our electronic monitoring system. This means that she will be confined to her home for the next 40 days. Her sentence is now back up to 45 days. She will now be under the supervision of the LA County Probation Department."

Medical personnel?? Give me a break!! They totally fell for her crying act. I can't believe this. Whitmore went on to say that he cannot release details about her medical 'condition' due to confidentiality. But he did assure us that she does not have a staph infection. Nice.

This is such crap. So she gets to go home to her big giant mansion, have all her friends over and party in the privacy of her own home for 40 days. This is sending such a great example.
My favorite comment from the press was this on: "She played you like a puppet on a string!" Fantastic.

What the.....????

TMZ is reporting that Paris is already out of the pokey!!! She was initially sentenced to 45 days which got shortened to 23 but she has only served 3! THREE!! The LA County Sheriff's Department is holding a news conference this morning so we will soon find out how this spoiled brat managed this one.

06 June 2007

George Will Be Back!

Good news George O'Malley fans! Entertainment Weekly is reporting that T.R. Knight has agreed to a new contract to stay put on Grey's Anatomy next year!

"According to one insider close to the negotiation, Knight has agreed to a new contract that will boost his per-episode salary to roughly $125,000 and give him
a small piece of the show profits (pay hikes and profit points were also granted to many of Knight's co-stars, including Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Sandra Oh)."

But what about trouble maker Isaiah Washington?

"Still up in the air: the fate of Washington, whose character, the arrogant Preston Burke, appeared to flee Seattle in the finale. That said, the same insider hints that Washington will be back as a series regular (though without the boost in pay rewarded to his co-stars)."
In other Grey's news, Patrick Dempsey told MSNBC that he wasn't all that into the depressing season,

"I would love for Derek and Meredith to have a healthy relationship. It got a little too depressing last year."
Ellen Pomeo agrees,

"I don't think you need sadness to have drama."

Wow. They are really speaking their mind about the show. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, kids!

Cinderella Story of the Day

Justin Timberlake has signed Esmee Denters to his new record label. 18-year-old Esmee is a huge YouTube hit who by singing covers of Alanis Morrisette and Alicia Keys has gotten 21 views. Justin must have liked what he heard because he is making all her dreams come true.

"Esmee is the real deal and I cannot wait for the world to hear her."
Denters will be joining Justin on his tour this summer too! Lucky, lucky girl!
"Words can't describe how amazing it is. I am so excited!" Denters says in a statement. "It is something I have always dreamed of doing. I have to thank YouTube and its viewers for giving me the opportunity to show the world my voice. I also have to thank Justin, one of the biggest artists in the world, for believing in me and making my dreams come true."
Check out one of her songs here.

Lindsay's Mom is a Big Fat Liar

Contact Music is reporting that Dina Lohan lied about being a professional dancer with The Rockettes according to an investigation done by The New York Post. She also made up her claim that she was in the theatre and TV ads. One source told the paper,

"It's like claiming to have a degree from Harvard when you don't. It's a big deal to be a Rockette. Look in SAG. Look in AFTRA. Dina isn't a member. She never did a Broadway show. She never did ads."
Woops. Doesn't pay to lie now does it? I wonder if this will hurt her reality show that is in the works with E! called Mom-ager which is supposed to follow her efforts to get Lindsay's younger brother and sister into Hollywood. The idea that anyone would give this so called mom a job is beyond me. We all know how well she has done with Lindsay! How about if we let her do the talking though (from April's Harper's Bazaar),

"We're just so misunderstood. My sons are in sports; my daughters want to be actors. I was in the business, and I'm going to help them. You don't like that? I'm living the American dream."

Posh is Glamorous

OH NO!!! Posh forgot to put her skirt on at the Glamor Woman of the Year Awards in London yesterday, and no one told her!!!!!

Posh must still be in shock over her shoe faux pas with Cameron Diaz at the MTV Awards

"I couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw Cameron in the same shoes as me. We both just looked at each other and laughed. "Cameron was so lovely and I couldn't believe how pretty and gorgeous she was in the flesh."


Translation: "I can't believe that lame bitch Diaz has the same pair of shoes as meeeee!! Of course, my petite feet look so much better in them!!!"

Jen Snags a Hot Model

People is all excited to reveal Jennifer Anisont's 'mystery man'. He is 36-year-old British model Paul Sculfor and according to the sleuths at People, they have been dating for 'several weeks'. Eat your heart out Brad!! They even got his ex-girlfriend, London socialite Lady Victoria Hervey to talk about him,
"He's a lovely guy. A gentleman. Simple things, like opening doors, he does all that. he'll think of the woman before himself."
He is super hot, I'll give him that! He was a former boxer and construction worker turned model and currently under contract with New York Model Management. You can see a clip from his British commercial for Levi's and another photo over at People. Yowza!

05 June 2007

What the Hell?

I am beyond confused. Is that seriously Kim Kardashian's ass?? Implants?? Someone, please, help me figure this one out!

Momma Spears Pulls Out of The View

So much for getting a view into Britney's world. Her mom, Lynne Spears, has cancelled her appearance on The View today. Damn.

Sunday TV Semi-Review

I finally got around to watching Lifetime's Write and Wrong and Army Wives last night. First, Write and Wrong. I really loved this one. It was great to see Kirstie Alley back in action and I thought she was hilarious. I'll admit that it took about a half hour to really pull me in, at first I had my thumb poised over the delete button. I wasn't buying 'Jason' as the 'hot nephew' who was pawning his Aunt Birdie's (Alley) scripts off as his own. But something happened by minute 35, he totally sucked me in. I somehow got past the awful hair and need of a shave and found him totally adorable and funny. The show was a great escape and very enjoyable.

I wish I could say the same for Army Wives. Lifetime was pimping it like mad not only in the weeks leading up to it's debut but during Write and Wrong as well. They had a stupid count down clock in the corner during the entire 2 hours before, with all this hype, I was really looking forward to it. What to say...I thought it was dull. Dull, dull, dull. There wasn't a single character that I was able to get behind, and for me, that is key. There has to be someone that I'm cheering. It was trying to be dramatic and funny at the same time, kind of like Grey's Anatomy, but the dramatic parts were not all that dramatic, just soapy and the funny parts were far from laugh out loud. I'm going to give it one more episode to see if maybe I'm being too quick to judge before I delete my season pass. This one has to do something big quick or it's a goner.

04 June 2007

Weird News of the Day

Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco are getting married!! Yes! Married! For those of you born after 1992, Amy Fisher had an affair with a married Buttafuoco when she was just 16 years old. Then she decided it would be a good idea to go knock on his door and shot his wife in the face. She was convicted and served seven years in prison. Now is seems the wacky couple has reconciled and are planning to marry. Not so fast you crazy kids! You have to get by Dr. Phil first! Producer David Krieff says,
"This will be an extreme edition of Dr. Phil's House. Joey and Amy just represent a slice of American relationships that really touched everybody."

In other words, they move into the 'Dr. Phil House' and get premarital counseling from the Dr. Page Six is reporting that to make matters even stranger, their ex-spouses, Mary Jo and Lou Bellera might move in the house as well. Fisher and Buttafuoco released a statement yesterday,
"We are looking forward to working with Dr. Phil and discussing our lives. We are excited about living together."

Desperate for attention maybe?

The Starter Wife: Review

If you missed the premier of The Stater Wife you can watch it on-line right now!!. Yes it was totally worth it!!

Last week we were excited about watching The Starter Wife and it didn't disappoint. Debra Messing was fabulous as Molly Kagan, the dumped Hollywood Wife. She wasn't scared to go without makeup, and she looked natural and pretty. It was definitely a night-time soap, but a good one. The story skipped along with Molly moving to her friends beach house for the summer after she is dumped by her Hollywood exec husband, and shunned by all, even one of her best friends, Cricket (played by Miranda Otto). Her other best friend, (Judy Davis) has been sent to rehab by her husband, and she spends her days making up memories so her therapist thinks she's making progress and will let her out sooner.

Of course there is a new love interest, Sam, who keeps bumping into Molly accidentally on purpose at the beach.

The ending was a bit of a cliff hanger, with another love interest for Molly seen drinking himself into oblivion and then walking into the ocean.

The cast was great, the story entertaining and interesting, the clothes and Messing's beach hats were fabulous and I'm sad that there are only three episodes left!!

Smug Mug

Here's Paris Hilton's mug shot taken by the LA County Sheriff's Department. Paris surrendered herself to the authorities last night after the MTV Movie Awards, where Sarah Silverman showed no mercy to Paris and her impending jail term.

Apparently she went in late last night to avoid the paparazzi. TMZ has the full scoop