25 January 2007

Katie Rees Takes on Donald Trump - Round 1.

Former Miss Nevada USA, Katie Rees, has spoken out about Donald Trump and her forced resignation, during and interview with Extra TV.

"I asked for a second chance and it wasn't given.I would have to agree with him (Donald Trump) that they (the photos) were extremely racy, however, I'm not in rehab, I didn't test positive for illegal drugs and I wasn't caught making out with Miss Teen USA. "

When asked about Donald Trump, Katie said "I admire him. I think he’s a smart businessman. He did what he had to do; however, I do
believe there was a double standard given."

“We were just a few silly girls having a good time, just taking a picture and people were egging us on. For now I’m just working on getting out of the mold of the bad girl. Because I am not a bad girl.”

Hahahahaahah. Good luck with all that Katie. I'm sure that's really going to change The Donald's mind.

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Anonymous said...

Katie Rees needs to accept responsibility for her actions, she was 19, not a minor. Not remembering because she was drunk wouldn't get you off anywhere. How would you like her representing your daughter? Not me! The only dignified response is "I am sorry", the photos were more than disgusting and she has some nerve to say they weren't that bad? Whatever young lady, you need to grow up and move on, who knows what might happen, Vanessa Williams made an amazing come back but then again she had incredible talent, beauty, and enough self respect to move on. Sorry but you DO NOT deserve a second chance.